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WHAT IS NEW CONSCIOUSNESS? It is the awareness that although each human is unique, the “I am” I feel and the “I am” you feel is the same Universal “I AM”.

New Consciousness is a new way to experience the very act of being alive. Whatever your faith, or lack of faith, if you’re happy with the path you’re on... keep your current belief system. New Consciousness does not conflict with it.

New Consciousness is consistent with the findings of astrophysics, quantum physics, and neuroscience. It answers numerous questions posed by leading edge researchers about the nature of life and the origin of the universe.

New Consciousness is the next step in human evolution and the key to world peace. When enough people experience New Consciousness, we will have evolved and will live in a world of peace and understanding. The Roving ’I’ is dedicated to supporting peace and love on Earth.

New Consciousness in Seven Key Points

It couldn't be easier... It couldn't be more important


• The "I AM feeling we each experience... our very consciousness... is the Oneness that fills the entire Universe. Religion calls it God. Science calls it Dark Energy. It exists both inside and outside everything... including you, the being currently reading these words!

• Within the attributes that make each of us special and unique, the conscious "I am" of one person doesn't just feel the same as the 'I am' of another person... it is the same "I AM". Deep inside, at our very core, we are all connected. We are truly One being.

we are like leaves on a tree
many different leaves
only one tree

• Humanity is at a critical point in our evolution. If we continue as we are, hurting and killing each other, ruled by selfishness, hatred, and the fear of differences, we will destroy ourselves and, most likely, the planet on which we live.

• If we are to survive, we must feel the Oneness we share with each other inside as strongly as we feel our uniqueness and the physical world we share with each other outside. This evolutionary feeling is New Consciousness.

• When we evolve into New Consciousness, we will still be special and unique, but we will no longer use our individual skills, talents, and abilities only for our own benefit but for the greater good of all… including planet Earth.

how could humanity have come so far
without realizing how far we have
strayed off the path?

• Unlike simpler beings, humanity has already evolved to a level where the next evolutionary step is voluntary. We must individually choose to live in New Consciousness and work for the good of all if humanity is to survive.

• When enough people experience New Consciousness and a tipping point is reached, humanity as a whole will have evolved and all life on Earth will change for the better. It will usher in an era of Perpetual Peace and Universal Understanding.


Free E-Book Downloads (pdf format)

The Roving ‘I’ is designed to help humanity make the evolutionary step into New Consciousness… one individual at a time. Therefore, we offer the following downloads free of charge to all who wish to advance human knowledge, promote universal understanding, and bring ultimate peace to our planet. Download, read, and feel free to spread the word so New Consciousness and its evolutionary message of Oneness and Peace can grow and become the way of the future.

Handbook of the New Consciousness

…by Anton Grosz, PhD

A self-study guide based on forty years of experiential research, designed to facilitate the step up to the next level of human evolution by focusing on the “I AM” feeling we all share at our very core. Using simple exercises, stories, and imaginative mind games it allows readers to experience universal Oneness, recognize the interconnectedness of all life, trace the conscious evolution of life on Earth, and experience the “I AM” consciousness present at the start of the universe. Designed for the devout believer, the dogmatic atheist and everyone in between, The Handbook validates both ancient religious beliefs and the findings of modern science.

Shredding Event Horizons: The Gateway Into Black Holes…
Quantum Physics Meets Phenomenology

…by Anton Grosz, PhD

What if the event horizons that quantum physicists are looking to enter at the far ends of the universe are no different than the event horizons that define our individuality?   And what if the key to entering an event horizon is not trying to penetrate it from the outside, but to experience it from the inside? Experience New Consciousness through quantum eyes and experience the place where the dark energy of quantum physics and the experiential realities of phenomenology are both fulfilled.  

Tao of the New Consciousness

…by The Elder

Eighty-one verses by The Elder, a being of peace and love who not only knows New Consciousness but lives it. Not a religion nor a belief system, these heart-felt verses are gateways to expanding one’s own personal consciousness and view of existence. They are spiritual only in that they speak to our own individual spirit and the very basic experience of being alive and living in relation to other living beings. When you understand what The Elder is saying, and feel what The Elder is feeling, you will have taken the next step in human evolution and become a positive force in helping create peace on Earth.

A Message To Humanity

 directly from The One on behalf of Earth… to help humanity realize the obvious… you… we… are all One.  This is a message whose acceptance… or not… will mark the survival of the human species… or not.  Whether you believe it… or not.

For confirmed believers, devout atheists, and everyone in between. Sessions include group meditation. No prior study or practice is necessary.

Anton Grosz, PhD

About the Founder of The Roving 'I'

In 1978, at age 37, Anton Grosz died from lack of oxygen and went through a tunnel into brilliant light, experiencing a multi-dimensional New Consciousness he had never thought possible.  Re-entering his body, he has devoted his life since then to researching what he had experienced.  His studies have included world religions, indigenous spirituality, anthropology, cognitive science, quantum physics, phenomenology, and a PhD in philosophy and the evolution of human consciousness.  He has also served as a spiritual counselor for a hospice, helping those who are dying make a peaceful transition.  His writings are non-denominational and include a self study method designed to allow others to experience this New Consciousness without having to die to do so.

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